1.1 The present general conditions (the "General Conditions") are governed by the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 ("Consumer Code") containing the provisions for the protection of rights and in particular from articles from 50 to 68 terms to distance sales.
1.2 The General Conditions for orders of products issued online on the website ( for deliveries to be made in Italy (including the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City). It is not possible to order products to be delivered outside of Italy (except for the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City).
1.3 By checking the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions" that you compare during the purchase process, the buyer accepts all the contractual conditions set out below. In the absence of a standard, the general conditions are online.
1.4 CLIMATECSTORE reserves the right to modify the general conditions at any time without prior notice. However, the purchase changes have already been reviewed.
1.5 For the conditions of use of the site and the rules on privacy, please refer to "Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy" below.
1.6 With the acceptance of the General Conditions and therefore with the issuance of the purchase order, the buyer has the consent for all communications received and received by e-mail. The cost for the use of the communication technique depends on the rate applied by the internet service provider.
1.7 The buyer will be responsible for the problem of e-mail and all information.
1.8 For any questions regarding the General Conditions, for any claim or communication of withdrawal, order, return and refund
Number 095 393375
2.1 The purchaser may purchase the Products by accessing the "Web Shop" section of the Website. The purchase order will be automatically issued at the end of the order procedure for the "Web Shop" section. Only the Products in the online catalog of the Site can be purchased in the "Web Shop" section at the time the order is issued.
2.2 Correct receipt of the order will be confirmed by CLIMATECSTORE by e-mail communication sent to the e-mail address provided by the buyer. The confirmation message the essential characteristics of the purchased good, the price of the purchased product including the taxes and additional taxes, delivery costs, payment and delivery methods. The confirmation message will contain the identification number of the order to be used in any subsequent communication with CLIMATECSTORE
2.3 CLIMATECSTORE will ship the Products available in stock on the working day following receipt of the order and subsequent credit.
2.4 In case of non-execution of the order due to unavailability - even temporary - of the Products, CLIMATECSTORE., Within the term of thirty days from receipt of the order, will inform the buyer by e-mail communication to the e-mail address and will provide consequently to re-credit the amounts eventually paid.
2.5 The minimum order amount is € 35.00 including VAT.
2.6 As soon as the confirmation of the order has been received from Climatecstore via e-mail, the purchaser must make the payment within 72 hours of receiving it. Otherwise Climatecstore will deem the order to be void by notifying the buyer of a dispute.
2.7 For every order placed on-line at (URL) http: //, CLIMATECSTORE will issue an invoice for the material sent, sending it in PDF format by e-mail to the order holder, pursuant to Article 14 DPR 445/2000 and DL 52/2004. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of ordering will prevail.
2.8 No change in the invoice will be possible after its issue.
3.1 The delivery times of the goods to the Transporter will depend on the payment method chosen by the Customer. After the payment of the order the goods will be delivered to the Transporter and delivered to the Customer within an average indicative time of 2/4 working days after the date of the booking of the payment chosen by the Customer. Under no circumstances shall Climatecstore be held responsible for late or non-delivery attributable to PASSALACQUA TRASPORTI or TNT GLOBAL EXPRESS SPA or to causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
3.2 CLIMATECSTORE may, at its discretion, decide to make more partial deliveries. In this case, the purchaser will not be charged with any additional cost in respect to that provided for a single delivery.
3.3 The ordered products will be delivered in the original design however CLIMATECSTORE, upon notice from the supplier, reserves the right to make changes to the Products that do not alter or improve their functionality.
3.4 If delivery is not possible, within thirty (30) days, the order can be canceled. If all payments have been made, these will be returned by us within 30 (thirty) days.
3.5 Upon delivery of the goods, the Customer is required to check: that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document. that the packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing strips. In the event of tampering and / or breakage, the Customer must immediately contest the shipment and / or delivery by putting the word "GOODS CONTROL RESERVATION" on the copy of the delivery document to be returned signed to the carrier or other operator. The Customer is required to report any damage within 7 (seven) days from receipt of the goods, to the following contact details by sending a photo of what was received: - cell. 345 3980269 (Whatsapp service)
Number 095 393375
4.1 All the prices of the Products contained in the online catalog of the "Web Shop" section are expressed in Euro. The shipping cost is offered for FREE for orders over € 249 (excluding islands). For expenses less than 250 euros the cost is € 8 for amounts between € 1 and € 100, € 15 for amounts between € 101 and € 149 and € 20 for amounts between € 151 and € 249 EUR. For cash on delivery the collection costs will be 3% of the total amount. The Products are sold at list prices in effect at the time the order is issued.
4.2 CLIMATECSTORE reserves the right to vary the shipping costs by prior quote or by telephone notice for deliveries to particularly inconvenient locations that require logistic porterage implementation by the courier.
4.3 The buyer agrees to reimburse CLIMATECSTORE for any additional expenses that it has had to incur for shipments or movements caused by a failure by the buyer to comply with the agreements made for the date, time and place of delivery.
5.1 The payment of the Products can be made exclusively through PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash on delivery.
5.2 CLIMATECSTORE allows the purchaser to execute online payment in absolute safety thanks to an automatic encryption system of the information entered and the assistance of an external provider.
5.3 The credit card information will be provided by the buyer during the order issuing procedure.
5.4 In case of cash on delivery, the payment (including the 3% surcharge on the total order) must be made to the Courier exclusively in cash. NOTHING in more than indicated at the time of the order will be due by the Customer to the Courier and / or VENTEC SRL S.r.l. It is not allowed to send goods in cash on delivery to a different person. The mark is not provided for orders with items on order not present in the warehouse.  Furthermore, based on the new legal regulations that have come into force, it is not possible to pay in cash amounts exceeding € 2999.00. In case of cash on delivery, payment must be made to the Courier, upon receipt of the order, necessarily in cash


As required by Article 54 of the Consumer Code, before the expiry of the withdrawal period, the consumer informs the professional of his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract. To this end, the consumer can use the withdrawal form in Annex I, part B; or submit any other explicit statement of your decision to withdraw from the contract.
6.1 The purchaser who is also a consumer, that is, who purchases the Products for purposes other than his own business activity, has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract - without any penalty and without specifying the reason - within fourteen working days from the date of delivery of the Product pursuant to Legislative Decree 21/2014.
6.2 The right of withdrawal may be exercised by sending, within the deadline indicated in paragraph 6.1 above, a written communication to the headquarters of Ventec S.r.l. by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same term, also by e-mail and fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the following forty-eight hours. The registered letter is intended to be sent in good time having regard to the date of the postmark of the accepting office.
6.3 The substantial integrity of the Product to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal, therefore, cannot be exercised in the event that the buyer has not taken adequate measures to ensure that the Product can be returned in the same condition in which it was received (including the original packaging). In any case, the purchaser must take all appropriate and possible measures to preserve the Product and do everything possible to ensure that the Product is returned to Ventec S.r.l. in perfect condition.
6.4 The purchaser who has exercised the right of withdrawal is obliged to return the Product within 14 days from the communication of the intention to withdraw as provided by the art. 57 of the consumer code to:
Ventec S.r.l.
Via A. Gramsci, 29
95030 Gravina di Catania (CT)
6.5 The costs for returning the Product will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
6.6 If the buyer has already made one or more payments, these will be reimbursed by CLIMATECSTORE within the term of 14 days from the date on which he receives the communication concerning the right of withdrawal without further costs for the buyer and any reimbursement of expenses of delivery as required by the amendment of art. (52 et seq) by directive 83/2011.
Section: Non-compliant products
6.7 Except as established for the right of withdrawal, the buyer, who is also a consumer, will also have the right to resort to legal remedies provided by Part IV Title III Chapter I (from article 128 to 135) of the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 ("Consumer Code") relating to any lack of conformity of the Product existing at the time of delivery.
6.8 Any defects of conformity of the Product must be reported to CLIMATECSTORE according to the terms and methods referred to in article 132 of the Consumer Code at the e-mail address indicated in point 1.8.
6.9 According to Article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) the customer can use the Joint Conciliation procedure.
The Procedure can be started if the consumer, after having lodged a complaint with the company, within 45 days, has not received a reply or has received a reply not deemed satisfactory by him.
The customer who decides to take advantage of the Joint Conciliation procedure is obliged to send the request to the address: or to the fax number 02/87181126. For more information, see:
6.10 According to the art. 14 of Regulation 524/2013 informs the user that in the event of a dispute, they can submit a complaint via the European Union's ODR platform, which can be reached at the following link The ODR platform is an access point for users who wish to settle disputes arising from sales contracts or online services in the extra-judicial area. For more information contact:
7. Accessories and consumables purchased online must always be installed and used in accordance with the instructions and warnings provided in the User Instruction Manual. The Instruction Manuals are available on the Website under the section Services / Instruction booklets.
7.1 The purchaser is responsible for the correct installation and correct use of the Products purchased online. ATTENTION: the installation of some Products requires the intervention of authorized and professionally qualified personnel to avoid the risk of damage to the structures and / or personal injuries, with particular reference to the installation, use and maintenance of components for the use of gas, electrical equipment, hydraulic parts and components. Always read and follow the Instruction Manual and / or instructions on the packaging of the ordered Products.
7.2 CLIMATECSTORE. assumes no responsibility for claims attributable (a) to unintended use of the Product or its handling, (b) to use and installation with equipment for which the Product has not been designed, or (c) to an incorrect installation. WARNING: the use and / or installation carried out in a way that does not comply with the instructions provided may cause damage to people.
8.1 CLIMATECSTORE will not be held liable for non-fulfillment or delay in the execution of the order in the event that such non-compliance or delays are caused, impediments such as interruptions of work, labor unrest, suspension of transport and any other cause that may constitute an impediment due due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
9.1 The General Conditions are governed by Italian law.
9.2 For any dispute concerning the General Conditions, the purchaser's forum of residence will be competent, in the event that he is a consumer. In all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction will be exclusively that of Catania.
10. Any reference to the Climatecstore brand / domain must be understood to be made to the company Ventec srl with registered office in Via Antonio Gramsci, 29 95030 Gravina di Catania CF / P.IVA 04922030871 Cap.Soc. € 10500.00 i.v owner of the aforementioned trademark / domain.
11. According to Article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) the customer can use the Joint Conciliation procedure. The Procedure can be started if the consumer, after having lodged a complaint with the company, within 45 days, has not received a reply or has received a reply not deemed satisfactory by him. The customer who decides to take advantage of the Joint Conciliation procedure is obliged to send the request to the address: or to the fax number 02/87181126. For more information, please visit: